Series of tutorials to learn the WordPress Framework

created on January 4th, 2016 updated on January 30th, 2016

WordPress is very famous and popular nowadays, you can search information about wordpress on the internet as “wordpress is what?” “Why to use wordpress?” “cherry are the advantages and disadvantages of wordpress” etc … Here I just want to emphasize that WordPress is free, offers many beautiful free themes, support for multiple plugins free and very easy to use

So this article will guide step by step how to install and use wordpress. How to build wordpress theme and functions without using plugins.

This page will be updated regularly when have new posts related to wordpress subject.

  1. Why should use WordPress Framework (there are many reasons to use this framework)
  2. How to install XAMPP on localhost step by step (you need to install the web server php and mysql database to be able to run wordpress, XAMPP is integrated web server and database)
  3. Ho to install WordPress on localhost (install wordpress on localhost means that you will install WordPress on your PC or laptop)
  4. Ho to build theme WordPress HelloWorld (guides you step by step to develop or design a simple theme HelloWorld on wordpress)
  5. Develop pagination function in WordPress (guide you how to create the paging function)
  6. Display most viewed posts on WordPress (create function displays the most viewed article, this function is added to the widget to admin can customize the interface without code)
  7. Related Posts functions in WordPress without using the plugin (create function display the article related to article current by tag or category without using plugin)
  8. Create breadcrumbs function without plugin (show categories menu structure under the header)
  9. Create responsive menu in wordpress using bootstrap (create dynamic menus, it can automatically scale according to the desktop, mobile or tablet and can customize your purpose)